About us

Do you need a team who is able to think out of the box? Cross sectorial fields would help you identify new opportunities? You are brilliant in your industry but would need an impedus for entering neighbouring industries?

We are ready to

  • explore your capabilities
  • prepare an action plan and roadmap
  • propose a strategy for sustainable business plan and innovation
  • guide you through all your plans
  • train and motivate your team to go along with you on the reailization of your roadmap

Our services in detail

BITRACE Consulting Llc. was established originally for consulting and operating IT systems. This profile was quickly extended with the experience and expertise of innovation management, sales, IT architecture planning and programming capabilities. We deal with traditional and innovative, modern solutions while planning, implementing and operating projects. Our team is able to support our clients on IT, digital transformation, introduction of new digital technologies and consulting cross-sectorial projects.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a tailormade and professional service reflecting to their real needs. To do so, we use our experiences having been gained in different rolls in divers industries and type of entities.

Our profile

  • IT operations
  • IT infrastructire and application support
    • full support of SMEs’ or large enterprises’ unix infrastructure and application layer, including handling of licensed and opensource applications
  • IT consulting
    • identifying and selecting ideas with good potential for reflecting to the requisite of the client
    • covering the full value chain of a project idea from the initial steps of planning through implementing the project up to the introduction of the subject product or service
  • IT architecture planning
    • elaborating concepts
    • preparing process documentations
    • project management
  • IT development
    • C# based system planning and implementation
    • JAVA based system planning and implementing
    • Microcontroller technology and its’ embedded programing – innovation consultancy in different industries
  • Innovation consultancy in different industries
    • digital technologies * space research and space technology
    • identifiing disptruptive tecnologies, analysing their adaptivity in view of current trends
    • assessing the Client’s technical capabilities and preparing an innovation strategy
    • supporting the introduction and realization of the innovation strategy

Why should you choose us?

  • because of more decades long experience in multinational companies and some more decades in diverse size and type of entities
  • united team of different professinal experts
  • IT related patentability and patenting expertise
  • modular IT systems planning, implementation and support from small modules to the whole system
  • high avalibility, client focused attitude
  • balanced combination of traditional and innovative, new technologies and processes