The “BiTrace” Ways

Diligent planning for a successful project

BITRACE Consulting LLC is a start-up company with one year experience in IT operations and innovation consultation as a new company, while its team of professionals have more than 40 years accumulated experience and knowledge. BITRACE is seeking opportunities for scaling up the company with innovative and future technology driven investments.

Differentiator of BiTrace

We are convinced that a bit more effort on planning a project will result in multiple benefits starting from saving significant unneeded expenses up to misconsidering the real need of the client.We have formed the management level of the company with a well thought over structure, that covers a wide range of expertize. Their divers experience, realistic, but still creative attitude results in an objective and well based decision making process during the planning and realization of the project. Such approach supports clearly a stable project management, where the milestones are well balanced between being ambitious and meetable.